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New York State Third Party Candidates Listing

What Problems Do We Face?

I don't think any rational person could argue that New York State government isn't dysfunctional. From excessive pay hikes, greed in the form of "lulu's" and per diem pay, closed door budget negotiations and party politics, our government on the State level is a good example of Democracy gone bad. But we don't just face these problems at the State level as they exist at the Federal and local levels as well. As I see it, there are three groups that contribute to the mess that we are in. We'll look at them in no order of culpability.

  1. The elected officials themselves.
  2. The media is also culpable.
  3. Finally, many of us ourselves are equally guilty.

    You can probably come up with some of your own examples that would fit into these three categories. Obviously, there is no one solution that would solve them all. But it's clear that things need to change or the Democracy that we end up with will not resemble anything like that of what our Founding Fathers imagined.

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