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New York State Third Party Candidates Listing & Political Commentary Blog

Now In Our 14th Year

Publicity Breeds Name Recognition ==> Name Recognition Breeds Name Familiarity ==>Name Familiarity Breeds Votes

The Mainstream Media would do well to remember this when they tell you that they don't want to cover a third party candidate because he/she can't win. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

This site is intended to do the following:

2017 Races:

There are no statewide elections in New York State this year. The next statewide elections will be in 2018.

Position Papers:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What problems do we face?
  3. Why vote third party?
  4. Open the debates and give more coverage to third party candidates!
  5. How do I do a write-in vote?
  6. Did Nader make Gore lose?/Did the U.S. Supreme Court make Bush win?
  7. The Case for Term Limits
  8. A Short Case Against NAFTA
  9. The Pentamendments

Links To Political Parties Active In New York State (in random order):

Key to notations after State Party names.

  1. * Libertarian Party of New York State
  2. * Green Party of New York State
  3. * Constitution Party of New York State
  4. * Life and Justice Party of New York State
  5. * Sapient Party of New York State
  6. * America First Party of New York State
  7. * Conservative Party of New York State
  8. * Independence Party of New York State
  9. * Liberal Party of New York State
  10. * Rent is 2 Damn High Party of New York State
  11. * Socialist Workers Party of New York State
  12. * Working Families Party of New York State
  13. * New American Independent Party of New York State
  14. * School Choice Party
  15. * Reform Party
  16. * Women's Equality Party

If you do not see your party listed here, feel free to e-mail the web address and I'll post it.

Other Useful Links:

  1. New York State Board of Elections
  2. Independent Political Report - Great site for news and information on third parties and their candidates
  3. Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections - Very good site for U.S. elections vote history
  4. Open Debates - Organization that fights to open up debates.
  5. Vote From Abroad - Tracks national races
  6. opensecrets.org - Bills itself as "Your Guide to the Money in U.S. Elections"
  7. The Green Papers - Political website dealing with elections

Contact Me:

If you would like to send comments to this site, feel some info is incorrect and needs to be corrected, or think that I left a candidate off of the list, use the following address. Please be sure to give me the full name of the candidate, the race and district that the person is running in and an e-mail address where the candidate can be reached. This site address is completely spelled out to prevent web spiders from finding the address and spamming it. Therefore, make sure you substitute the "@" sign for "at" and the "." for the "dot" in the address.